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The LED Strip is controlled over SPI. I modified the HL1606LEDStripPWM library from Adafruit to support the HardwareSPI and HardwareTimer classes for Maple. You can download the modified files here. HardwareTimer is used to PWM to output more than the standard 9 colors.

The PString class by Mikal Hart is used to handle the file name. Only modification needed here was to change the type uint8_t to uint8.

The maple-sdfat library is used to read from the SD Card.

The user selects the image by using the 2-way button. The first press will "open" the menu. the leds is light up, green meaning file present, red not and blue selected. After selecting the image you want it is a timeout before it goes back to "ready" mode.

The potentiometer is read by A/D. The speed can be set between 0 and 75ms delay between columns. The fire button is used to start the output.

Only 24 bit uncompressed BMP images is supported at the moment. They must be named "imgX.bmp" where X is a number between 1 and MAX_IMAGES. They must be 64 pixels high but the width is free to be as width as you want. The images must then be turned 90 degrees so the software can read columns by columns without the need to buffer the whole image.

Download the Software here. (License is GNU General Public License.)

More images can be found on Flickr.

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