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GuzZzt MassMail 2.0 PRO Sendmail verison, FREEWARE, [an error occurred while processing this directive]
This is a new version of the populer GuzZzt Massmail, it has a lot of new cool stuff, you can very easy add more dynamic tags so your mail looks even more personal. You can have groups and templates so your newsmail will look the same every time you send it!

You can see a DEMO of it here. You can do everything but it will not send any mails.

The zip file contains both the version and the sendmail version.

This script is now FREEWARE and I will from now on use a donation button so everybody that use the script and likes it can make a donation if he/she wants too.
ClickCount ClickCount
Count all outgoing clicks. Very easy to setup and use.
GuzZzt Goto GuzZzt Goto
Make shotcuts on the web!
MassMail MassMail
Make list and send mail to everybody!
MassMail 2 PRO MassMail 2 PRO
New better version with support for groups, templates, etc.!
GuzZzt Show GuzZzt Show
Make a slideshow. Require very little setup!
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